Hey there,

do you want to learn a bit more about the canton of Graubünden (Grisons canton)? Well, this blog is for you. I promise to tell you about the amazing places you can discover here and how you can reach them!

But you ask – Graubünden? What’s that? This is the biggest canton in Switzerland – the perfect land of mountains in Europe, but that’s just my opinion. The capital of this canton is called Chur and from here you can reach Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein and within hours Zurich as well. It is “the most strategic” place in Switzerland, since in the old days Chur was considered to be a place where people exchanged goods, while traveling around the world. It was and still is the fastest route that connects Italy and Croatia with Germany and Austria.

This charming place has so many mountains to conquer that even if you go hiking every day, you will need at least two years to be able to say that you know the region.

So here is my proposal – I will tell you about my journeys in the mountains and you can just sit back, read, scroll through the photos and get in love with this place, just by sitting back home and chilling.

So what do you say? Did I grab your interest? 🙂