Exploring Lenzerheide

Hey you there! 

What’s up? Hope you guys are alright! I got a nice story again. This time we went a little bit further into the valley and explored a new area for us. I was again with my Meetup group. So here it is: 

My friend, the organizer of the Meetup group was really puzzled where should we go this week, because of weather issues. So we kind of decided to try out and explore Lenzerheide – around an hour with the bus from Chur. 

So we got there and met two new members of our group and started our hike. We went direction Piz Scalottas (2323 m) and got on the Tgantieni lift to the middle station. We got our first coffee for the day and decided on the route – #746 Alp Fops from the Panorama map from Arosa and Lenzerheide. We ended up combining two different routes at once – 746 and 745, which turned out to be quite amazing and super easy to do. 

So we headed a little bit up next to the cable car and then we turned north towards Chur. The route has signs all over and you can’t really get lost. The path is flat, but it has an amazing view on Lenzerheide, the lake, Valbella, Parpan and Rothorn peak right across it. 

At some point we reached a bunch of houses … like 3 of them … and one of them turned out to be a mountain hut. As a rule of our Meetup group – we must stop and have a drink! So we did 😀 A nice little place with not so much space, but we were lucky and a woman moved so we can all fit on one table. Then we decided to change routes and followed route #745 Panorama and made our hike a bit longer than what it should have been. We ended up at Heidsee (the lake before Lenzerheide). It was so hot and sunny that I needed an ice-cream … We made the whole round tour around the lake and got back to Lenzerheide, where we took the bus back to Chur. 

Take a look at the Gallery – I put some nice photos there!

Something that I found interesting on this hike was that there is a route for kids, called Globi Wanderweg. But we were on it at some point and there were these big boards with quizzes and you get a price at the end. I would love to do it once. It’s super easy and entertaining.

So have a good one folks! See you for my next adventures!


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