Dreibündenstein Panoramaweg

Hey you there!

How are you guys? Guess what?! I opened the season of hiking last weekend. We did a 13 km hike from Chur to Rhäzuns on top of the mountain. You are going to love this one! I promise 😉 So here it is:

I hope you all know what meetup is … If not – Google it 😉 I am a member of a meetup group, based here in Chur and the organizer had planned to do the Dreibündenstein Panoramaweg (or simply the panorama hike in the area). I have done a similar version of this hike with one of my buddies last year. Really spectacular and not too hard. To be honest, just the first part is a little steep, but once you get to the top is quite easy actually.

As an advice #1: do the panorama hike from Chur to Rhäzuns and not the other way around. It is much harder to do the opposite.

So you start in Chur, take the Brambrüesch cable car all the way to the top and then follow the road through the village. Once you reach the slope you go right – there is a path next to the slope that goes all the way to the top – Dreibündenstein, which is the peak right above Chur. Unfortunately, in summer the chairlift does not work, that is why you need to hike up there. But basically from the gondola to the peak is the “hardest” part 😉 After that it gets easy.

Once you reach the top you have this amazing view towards Calanda mountain, Arosa and Lenzerheide, Chur and the whole Rhein valley. Just beautiful! From then on the path is pretty much flat. You have a nice little descend for about 200 m and then – flat… Once you reach the top you can see the mountain hut that is in the middle of the field. We stopped there for a bottle of Moscht – it’s like an apple cider, just the Swiss version (purely bio … whatever that means 😉 ) and you can get non-alcoholic version of it too. It tastes ok … I didn’t become a big fan, but it’s like the Swiss Rivela – the soda that everyone rinks here, made from milk. Anyways …

Advice #2: beware this flat area I am talking about is full of marmots and marmot holes! They are protected animals, so you can’t feed them, but you can admire them from a distance.

We saw a bunch while we were descending from the peak and there was actually one right at the entrance of the mountain hut. Pretty cute! We tried to take some photos, but he was too fast and ran away.

We spent about an hour in the hut, eating cake and drinking Moscht, enjoying the sun. We spoke with the innkeeper and she told us to take the panorama path that leads us on the other side of a forest and has a better view of the valley. The main path actually goes through the forest. There is actually a nice lake with these wooden figures.

So we took the longer panoramic path that leads straight to the chairlift. Definitely the better choice. You basically have a nice path that goes through the farms around. We also saw some cows. The views is truly amazing! You can see the valley from Rhäzuns until Thusis.

The chairlift is not that far away from that point, less than an hour for sure. It takes you down to the village called Feldis – very small and charming. We found a nice bench and had lunch. We head down with the gondola.

Advice #3: If you are afraid of heights, please, arm yourself with courage!

This one is quite high! I mean like a 1000 m high where you have nothing underneath beside a nice little river 1000 m below you. And the funny thing is that if you do it direction from Feldis to Rhäzuns and you have never done it before, the surprise is quite shocking. The first time I did it last year, I thought I got a hearth attack! 

But anyways … we got safely down to Rhäzuns otherwise I wouldn’t have been writing this 😛 We walked down to the train station, since the next bus back to Chur was in an hour. 

This is it folks! I hope you liked it. I just say that it is a nice hike, not too hard, but full with amazing views of the Rhein valley. Enjoy the Video in the Video section. I decided to experiment a little and made a black&white short time-lapse video. 

Till my next adventures and have a good one!


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