5 things about camping

Hey you there! 

I had an unusual experience this weekend, which led me think how exciting camping can be. I did this style of writing in the past, so I will give you the 5 things I consider most important when you go camping. Here they are: 

  1. Warmth

Do not underestimate the mountain! It might be 35 degrees during the day, but it goes down to 5 degrees at night. Especially, if you have a light summer sleeping bag. Bring s**t tons of thermal clothing and other thick sweaters, plus socks. 😉 I know it might sound redundant, but trust me … There are people in the world who thought: “How cold can it get?” Well, too cold apparently! 😀 

2. Food

As usual – there must be enough food for the whole duration of your camping adventure. There can never be too much food. 😀 Usually I bring  something with me, whatever … just a snack or some nuts. But when you go camping you should be really prepared. Although, let’s face it, there are plenty of camping sides with a small shop or a supermarket, or even a restaurant. 

3. Sleeping arrangements

If you go camping for couple of days, make sure that whatever it is that you are going to sleep on is actually comfortable and you like to sleep on it … Cause waking up with a headache or a neck cramp it’s not nice. So what we slept on was a nice inflatable mattress and some sleeping bags, plus pillows. 

4. Area for camping

There are two sets of campers: the ones that are there to enjoy the nature and the ones that are there to party. Trust me, I have been on couple of camping trips and there are usually both types. Last weekend I was a party camper and unfortunately we did not choose the perfect spot for it, cause at some point we were asked to keep it down a little. But let’s face it – it was 2 am. 😀 

5. Company

I prefer camping with close friends rather than camping alone … Some people actually do it alone, cause then they can hike and do other activities without having to consider someone else’s needs. But I find it ridiculous. To be honest I have never done camping alone and I don’t think I ever will. So find that mate you like to go wild with and go camping, cause it’s super fun to go sleep out in the nature. 

So these are my 5 things that are good to know about camping. They are not essential maybe for some people, but I think they are good to consider when you want to do it. I will let you have a peak in the Gallery section for some photos from Titisee – a lake that is 32 km away from Freiburg, Germany. 

So have a good one folks! See you for my next adventures! 


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