Canton St. Gallen

Hey you there! 

I know … I know! I haven’t been writing lately, but hey I deserved a break. Last weekend though I fell in love with Switzerland all over again! Thanks to my buddy that moved back to his home area. I got to experience the north-east part of Switzerland and I must say – it is incredibly charming. So here it is: 

I got invited to visit my buddy at his new place, which happens to be his hometown area. There was a wine tasting day at a winery, which is owned by a friend of my buddy. No names necessary, cause I am not sure if I am allowed to say the name of the winery … I am just going to say that it is located in Berneck 😉 

So I got there around 09:00 in the morning and it seemed like the day is going to be really nice and sunny, even though the weather forecast was predicting something else. We went first to have a nice cup of tea right next to the border with Austria. A lovely place, right next to Rhein … My buddy told me so many things about the area by the time we reached the restaurant, so I glued my eyes to the window. He pretty much showed me his home town, where his grandma lives and where the wine degustation is and so on … I must say that the area up there has this really charming side that makes you want to stay there forever. It was basically a bunch of old villages connected to one another and unless you live there you can never figure out where does one village end and another begins. It seems like one big village that goes on forever. 

We got to this really nice restaurant, where we drank a cup of tea. Guess what?! It was bio … Trendy … So not like me! But it turned out quite good! Basically we ordered fresh mint tea and they brought us a nice cup in Asian style with hot water and a bunch of mint leaves in it. But wait, that is not the cherry on top! The sugar looked like small stones. I am not kidding! I really thought that they gave us rocks … I gave it a try. Not stones, so don’t worry I did not break my teeth 😉 😀 

Anyway, we made some sort of plan for the day, which included me seeing my buddy’s new flat, then us both going up a mountain with a cable car and then going to the lake of Constance. And that is what we did. 

So we went to Austria to a city called Dornbirn, then we got up with the cable car to Karren and we got lunch up there. Two words: unbelievable view! Just unbelievable! You can see Switzerland, Germany and Austria at the same time. It is basically one big valley surrounded by mountains and the lake of Constance! Unbelievable! Check out the photos in the Gallery Section! 

The lunch up at Karren restaurant was really nice. Good quality of food and service, really romantic place with a view. Totally worth going there. From there you have so many options for hiking and even climbing. It seems like a nice area to explore … Wish I have more time to do so. 

We got down and took the car to Rheinhof Marina – again next to the Austrian border. Took a little walk there and got a glass of wine at the Rheinspitz Restaurant, where you can look at the lake and enjoy the boats passing by to get inside the marina. The wine was good, but the cherry on top I think was the small plane that was doing loops in the sky not so far away from us. He was probably practicing, but it looked super scary and dangerous. You could see it quite clearly, because right behind him a darker cloud was approaching and because of the white trail he was leaving behind. 

Anyways, if you ever want to go camping – that area there has a lot of camping places and it was already full of people. It is really convenient, if you want to see St. Gallen, then go explore some of the German side and the Austrian one as well. 

Next thing we did was to go back to my buddy’s place and get ready for a drunk wine evening. One of the things I realized that evening was that Swiss are hell of a good wine makers! In my opinion – even better than French and Italian! Don’t say this to anyone 😉 

So that’s from me for now! Have a good one folks! See you for my next adventures!


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