5 Swiss things to try

Hey you there!

Here is an article about 5 Swiss things that you must try! Hope you like it!

You probably expect me to say something like chocolate fondue, regular fondue or raclette … Obviously yes! If you are in Switzerland those three are a must. But let me tell you other 5 things that are not necessarily food associated, but are still Swiss authentic and you must try out when in Switzerland 😉 

  1. See the Matterhorn

You can’t come to Switzerland and not see the Matterhorn! Just not an option! I don’t expect you to come over and start climbing it … But at least go for the weekend and see it up close. When I was there last summer with my buddy, we went all the way up to the last mountain hut and had tea up there. I have to tell you that just being so close to the peak is enough to make your heart full of emotions. I felt like the smallest thing in the world, which I know I am not 😀 But the view from up there is just breathtaking! There is nothing quite like it!

You definitely need two days, because it takes time to get there, from any airport around and because you can experience much more. We went there with the train and spend one night at the hostel. More on that trip will come with my next article, I promise. 

2. Capuns

It is a traditional dish from the canton of Grisons. Let me steal Wikipedia’s explanation: They are made from Spätzle dough (soft egg noodle) with pieces of dried meat, such as air-dried beef, and rolled in a chard leaf. They are boiled in a gravy of bouillon, milk and water and served covered with grated cheese. Really amazingly delicious! In Bulgaria we do something similar and we call it – sarmi. The Romanians do the same and they call it – sarmale. But this version is quite unique and the taste is just supreme. 

3. Rodelnbahn (Toboggan)

Now this is for the ones who feel adventurous. The longest toboggan is situated here in the canton of Grisons and it is a must to try out. It is basically a sled on rails and you can control the speed by yourself. Really cool activity! It doesn’t cost a lot and you get 3,1 km where the view is just fantastic. It is at a village called Churwalden, very close to Chur, Lenzerheide and Arosa. You can even do the rope park up at the mountain restaurant and then go down. Some people also prefer to go up Brambrüesch, then hike to the mountain restaurant and go down with the toboggan. 

4. Spa

I know Switzerland is not very famous for its spa, thermal baths and mineral springs, but there is quite a big diversity of offers and for the price you pay, I must say you get a lot out of it. You always feel like a king or queen, when you go to spa. It’s just magical! Especially if you go to thermal bath somewhere up in the mountain, where the outdoor heated swimming pool has an amazing view with mountains around. It’s just a picture to die for! 

5.  Glaciers

The last thing that’s a must is visiting at least one glacier! I did! When I went to see the Matterhorn. Trust me – amazing! All this ice lying around makes you feel like you are on the North Pole. It is amazing that you might be wearing shorts, but in front of you there’s tons of ice and just touching it feels great. And of course, there is the sad part that soon we might not be able to see them anymore. But what can you do! Global warming is b***h! 😀 

So that’s it folks. Those are the 5 musts of Switzerland to me. I know of course everyone wants to go see Zurich, Bern, Lugano, etc., but if you have done at least 3 of these 5 – you definitely had the Swiss experience! This is why when my family comes to visit me, these are the things I will show them 😉 

Hope you enjoyed this! Have a good one! See you for my next adventures!


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