The Spa Day

Hey you there!

These couple of weeks I suddenly got the time to write a bunch of stories, but since I am still busy with this and that I can only afford to write one story per day.

So I am going to tell you about the most recent adventure – from today :D. Here’s a great suggestion! If you live in Switzerland or you are planning to come here and you need an amazing/ pretty acceptable on price place, where you can ski, make a spa day or just hike in a National Park, well, Scuol is THE BEST place to do so! I am not exaggerating – trust me on this one! 😉

Today I woke up and went to take the train to Scuol-Tarasp. On the train station I met a fairly new buddy of mine, whose name of course will remain unknown. Let’s call her the new buddy and we boarded the train together. It took us close to 2 hours to get to Scuol, where the sun was shining so amazingly that we decided to take the Bergbahn (the gondola) up the mountain until the first stop and enjoy a meal for champions high up, while getting some “sun ten”. Just a great idea, I would say! …. Cause it was mine 😉 😀

So we ordered and as usual I got a sense that one of the burgers on the menu will be of my tasting and of course, I was right. Check out the photos – that burger was black, but with the most delicious, juicy and extremely tasty meat, I have had in a while. Yummy! Super satisfying, I must say! Of course, a meal like this deserved a bottle of wine. Don’t worry! We only took half a litter 😉

So we enjoyed a little the sun and took the gondola back to the village. We walked around a bit through the old town and got to the thermal bath – Engadin Bad Scuol. A fairly expensive/ cheap thermal bad, where you get a lot out of. The water is extremely mineral – is this a word? Don’t know! But when you enter, next to the cash register, there are three sinks, on with normal tab water, the other two from the different mineral waters that run in the area of Scuol. I should say – you must try them! However, be warned – they taste horrible! But it’s quite a taste and you can never mistake it afterwards. If someone else is trying to sell you mineral water directly coming out of the spring, which tastes like normal one, then you will definitely know that you have been lied to. So we did that and guess what?! We went to swim – so amazing! 🙂 We stayed there close to 3 hours, after which we went for a coffee and headed back to the train station.

Really nice experience! I feel right now so relaxed. I got a glass of home-made wine in my hand and while I am writing this to you, I also listen to some smooth jazz. What a day!

But let me tell you a bit more about Scuol and what you are missing on. So in December, I was there together with my colleagues from university, where we had a field trip with one of our professors and we visited a bunch of hotels, including the thermal bath and the gondola company. From the hotels told us that if a person books a stay with them, he/she gets all the goodies! What does that mean? Well, you get an all-day ski pass, all-day spa at the thermal bath, all-day access to gym and indoor hotel facilities, you can of course get half pension or full – up to you, AND there is a tunnel that connects your hotel, if you stay in one of the three, to the thermal bath, so you also get a bath robe and can go directly to spa, whenever you feel like it, without even putting clothes on! Amazing! Isn’t it?!

The food in either one of the hotels is always different, mainly local products are used and you can learn a lot about the cosine of Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, Austria, and so on.

Let me tell you about the hotels as well. The names are: Guarda Val, Belvedere and Belvair. They all have their different target group, so if you are a couple and you want to stay in a romantic, also very Swiss authentic hotel – Guarda Val is for you! If you just need the basics and don’t really care about authenticity – Belvair is for you! And if you are a regular tourist that needs a selection of rooms – Belvedere is for you.

So that is my preposition for you! Now it’s up to you to check it out and book a flight! Write me if you do! A spa day – I never say no to! 🙂

Til my next adventures! Probably tomorrow! Now I want to fully enjoy my glass of wine 😉 Oh, don’t forget to check out the Gallery and the Map, so you know where it is.



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