The magical Grüezi

Hey you there!

Long time no see! Happy New Year 😀

So I took a small walk today to St. Luzikapelle and I made couple of pictures. It seemed like the perfect day to do a  small hike, considering that yesterday I wasted my money for skiing, instead of doing so today on the sunny weather.  Anyways, I took some water and my camera and up I go. I found at the beginning of the trail this stick that I decided I need. Someone has definitely cut it off on purpose for easy hiking, so I took advantage of it.

I took the path leading to Mittenberg, but after perhaps 100 m after the main road, there is another path that starts that leads directly to the chapel. Oh yeah, I must say that St. Luzikapelle is a really small chapel basically in the middle of the forest between Mittenberg and Chur.

The path goes in a upper trajectory, but it is really easy and it took me only 28 minutes to reach the chapel from the main road, where the trail starts. I like that path, because it is wide enough and not too steep, except for the last 20 m. The sun was shining the whole time, so I even got the chance to enjoy it. However, in the last part the chapel is in complete shadow and it was kind of cold. There was some snow here and there, but not too much, just a little cover on the path itself.

I got to the chapel and as usual, I lighted two candles inside and then there is this a little dangerous path that leads to a rock, from which you can see the city. It is right next to the chapel, so you can’t miss it. I stayed there for a while and headed back downwards. It took me only 20 minutes.

I like this side of the city, because usually there are so many people walking their dogs there that you can’t imagine. It’s as if half of Chur has decided t either see the chapel or go to Mittenberg for some sun. Really nice! And of course, as in any other country, I hope, you get the local version of “Hello!”, which in this case is “Grüezi!” – the  Swiss version. Or more precisely the Grison’s version, cause if you go to Bern, this changes. 😀

I like saying it! It sound much better than “Hello!” and there is definitely a ring to it. I like looking in someone’s eyes and just acknowledge that I have seen them. The rule of hiking is that if you are polite enough and you say it to as many other hikers as possible, if something happens to you, this one “Grüezi!” can save your life. People who tend to say it, while hiking, remember the people who have they said it to – meaning that if I get lost today, but you saw me hiking upwards, while you were hiking downwards and we greet each other, then there is a big chance that you will remember me, if you see the news and they report that I am missing. Simple as that!

So enjoy the photos in the Gallery section! And see you until my next adventures!


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