Zauberwald Lenzerheide

Hey you there!

I have the perfect recommendation to you! Go to Lenzerheide and see the Zauberwald, while you still can! If you haven’t – it’s totally worth it! Check out the photos I made in the media library. And just so you know – the Zauberwald will be there by the 28th of December! So hurry up! 

Let me tell you about my experience! I have a new group of friends – recently acquired 🙂 I decided to join a group from and now I met most of the people in the group and we have been out and experiencing things together! So exciting!  It is always nice to have a group of people, who are into arts, culture, hiking and what else! Super nice people, especially the organizer. Always so cheerful and very interesting to talk to. 

So we decided that we will visit the Zauberwald. Oh but wait, I should translate it! It means – the Magical Forest. Cool, right? So nice! And it is magical. At least the feeling that you get while you are there. For those of you, who don’t know where Lenzerheide is – it’s about 30-45 minutes away from Chur and you can get there by the yellow Post buses, depending on which you take. Right now for this year they have a special offer that makes it very cheap, especially if you have the half tax card and then you can get a kombi ticket with entrance and return ticket for the bus. Just check out Post bus website and you will find it. 

So we met at the bus station, took the bus and 30 mins later we arrived. Oh one hint – get out of the bus one stop earlier, because the main entrance to the forest is always very crowded. Just so you know, the exhibition is only open after 17:00 in the evening. But let me tell you why! Basically there are many different lights installations all around the forest with different themes. There is even sound effects. Quite inspirational, if you ask me! Give me a bunch of lights and I can do the same or something that resembles what they did. So different companies created these interesting installations that right now are part of the forest. It really is magical.

So if you enter the forest from the  north side you go down on this path with normal lights and you can see the flow of people. On your right is the LED forest. Let’s just say that I wanted to know where the mixer was, so I can play with the lights… So in between the trees, there they were – the lovely LED tubes. Incredible! There was also music and you could control them with your hands. 

Next installation was called “Tree of Life”. Much better in my opinion than the tree of life (“Albero della Vita”) from Expo 2015 Milan, but don’t say that to anyone! 🙂 This one, you can go and even touch it.And when you press the robes, which it was made of, the lights in between the robes were lighting up, but you had to keep pressing it as hard as you can, in order to make the lights light up all the way to the branches. And the best thing about it is that it is made around a real tree. So nice! The leaves were made of these plastic snowflakes that were moving around from the wind and simple white lights were shining at them. 

Afterwards came the Portals – these mirror installations that had small LED’s around in different colors and made it seem as if it was infinite. And when you look inside, you see your reflection. 

On the right side of the path was the installation called Schnee Moiree – snow patterns. Really remarkable! They used the tall trees on the other side of the small river and projected a story on them. You can see the videos in the media library.

Then we saw the SKUM – these blue jelly-like strangely shaped things, that kids love playing with and from the big ones, there was a strange sound coming out. Interesting! In my photos they looks like snow. 

Continuing forward, on our left side were the Sternenritt – the star swings. And kids swinging on them. Fun! If you don’t know what that means – well, basically swings on the bottom of which an LED panel is attached facing downwards and when the kids swing it looks like someone is walking around with a really big flashlight. 

Then comes the market, where you can get a nice cup of Glühwein – warm wine or sangria, of however you want to call it. The very traditional Glühwein that in this case warms you, cause it is really cold. Maybe I should say – bring warm clothes, gloves and a hat, scarf is a requirement and good warm boots. Perhaps there is snow, so be prepared! I was the only hungry bear, so I bought myself a nice chocolate covered waffle that was quite good! Especially with the wine. 

Then we continue back to where we came from, but from the other side of the forest. If you look at the map – it looks like an ellipse and it is basically a weird shape circle. So we first saw the holographic wind games – “Holographishes Windspiel”. Quite remarkable! Have to tell you, that if you like to be high – this might be a good opportunity … Let’s just say that the smell was floating around very nicely. But yeah, as you can see the featured photo – well, that was it! Different shapes, coming out from some beamers (technical term for a very big light that you can program to have different patterns coming out of) and couple of smoke machines (the ones for the big stages). I was in heaven! I just really wanted to go play with all these lights from a mixer. 🙂 

Then came the very best, in my opinion, installation of Der Leuchtmilan – a bird like lights, made of fluorescent acrylic glass, illuminated with LED stripes. And on top of that, they could move, as if they fly through the forest.Very beautiful, if you ask me! 

Since afterwards, came the entrance where we came into the forest, we decided to go back and see the rest of the light installations. So after the market came the Baumraunen – tree trunks, where tree trunks were coated with LED robes in different shapes. Nothing special, except the colors. 

But then came the very interesting Spiegelaugen – mirror eyes. So you look through these kaleidoscopes that had different shapes inside. Also very interesting and quite funny to see your face reflecting in the numerous mirrors inside.

Then there was an installation with disco balls that had no name, for some reason, but it created really nice atmosphere with the nearby Glühwein stand, so we bought one more wine and enjoyed the lights that the disco balls were creating.

And now we were at the main entrance, so the path lead to the right and there were another three installations – Immersio, Quantified Fairy Tales and Coloured Flashback. The Immersio was a bit weird to be honest. Some tree trunks loooking like, wrapped in a foil and covered on top with a glass. A normal bulb was placed inside facing upwards and was creating light as if the tree trunks were the sources of light. Interesting, but nothing special. Then came the weird flash room, called Coloured Flashback, which was basically this weird paper or whatever it was that had neon colours and was like a wall. In the middle above the “room” there was a strobe light that was flashing from time to time. But the funny thing was that you can paint on the walls with these small flashlights, which were attached on the wall. So the way it worked was that you draw something and then the strobe light flashes and deletes everything. Funny! I tried to write my name, but the time I was at the letter “R” it already disappeared. Cool!

The last installation before the market and the last one for us to see was the Quantified Fairy Tales – the name suggests fairy tales, so let me explain. There is a story about this granny here in Switzerland and in all German-speaking countries apparently, that she brings the snow. So what she does is that she has this bag with “snowflakes” and when she shakes the bag snow starts to fall down. I have never heard this before. Probably should fine that tale and read it. Sound funny and a little bit like the Bulgarian story about Granny Marta – she brings spring, according to the fairy tale.

So that was it! We saw everything! Enjoyed two cups of Glühwein and went home. Really nice! But seriously, if you haven’t been there yet and you have the possibility to do so – do it! Go see the magic forest! It really is magical!

So have a good one! And Happy Holidays everyone!


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