Rote Platte

Hey there,

so if you are here or if you ever plan a visit to this part of the world – here is an idea for a hike that is so easy and so fast that you won’t believe it! The peak to conquer is called rote Platte, but apparently from the sign that is on the peak it is actually called rot Platte – the red plate in direct translation, but let me think of a better one… 🙂 Anyways, I was not alone again … I had a buddy with me, who had already done this hike before me. His name will remain anonymous … He is shy 😛

So the trail starts in Chur, of course, right after the old town on the road to Arosa. And it goes onwards in a upwards trajectory that is very easy to follow. This goes on for quite some time and suddenly the path get narrow and starts going up, not too steep, but enough to make you breath heavily. The whole trail is through the forest and from time to time you can actually take a look at the view of the city and Calanda mountain on the opposite side. So as you go up, you end up in this darkness, as if the day has not began yet and there is no sun, even though the day itself is super sunny. This side of the mountain, as said by my buddy, doesn’t really get any sun during the day. Especially those valleys that are so well hidden. That is why the waterfall that starts from Fürhörnli (1888 m – one of the peaks I already talked about in my blog) and ends down in the valley of Chur is quite dark.

And then suddenly there is a place with almost no forest and actual daylight and the magnificent view comes around to greet you. It gives you one of those feelings that you are walking through the forest that is so huge and thick that no sun can enter. And then this place where the forest backs up a bit, in order to show you the landscape is just remarkable. So we both stopped there, looking, admiring, and most of all being surprised how fast we got to this height. The last part of the path is a bit steep, but non problematical. Although it did give my lungs a battle to fight in. 🙂 The path leads around the peak itself and ends in the back of it. So when you reach the top, there is a flat path through the forest. On both sides, it was super steep, so one wrong step and you will go down the mountain in a very fast way. So the adrenaline kicked in again…

Few seconds later and there it was – rote Platte! A small, yet quite big piece of rock with two benches on top and the picture in front. Again, one of those moments when you feel that you are standing on top of the world. A bit scary too, cause one wrong step and you are off the cliff. 🙂 If you are afraid of heights  just don’t look down, sit on the bench and enjoy! Just like I did! 😉 

We sat there for like an hour, ate some snacks and just enjoyed the view. At some point this young man came up, panting like a dog from running all the way from Chur to the peak. In my own words – fitness junkie with a little insanity in his blood… 😀 No offence, but I don’t see myself EVER doing something like this. 🙂 But he sat on the other bench and after a while he went to these rocks lying nearby and found this metal military food box and opened it. There was a bag with a small notebook inside and a bunch of pencils. In the notebook everyone that knew about it, of course, had signed up and left a message. This guy told us that he does this almost everyday and there are two other people, who do this hike everyday. In the book was written the person, who visited the peak for a 1000nd time. (Wait… that is not right … )He was the 1000nd person that visited this place! (There we go!)  And since then, probably it already had nearly 2000 visits. Me and my buddy wrote a message as well. And here it is:

The journey and the destination are both equally important. Because without the journey you won’t be able to discover the destination! This place is amazing!

I am writing it to you, because I believe it’s true!

So far, going up and enjoying the view took us 3 hours and another two to go down. I would say, that this is a good hike for beginners and not experienced people in hiking, which will give you the ultimate landscape. With this I finish my story about one of the easiest hike ever!

So see you next time for more adventures!


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