Crazy Montalin hike

Hey there,

so here it is – the story of the crazy Montalin hike! You would ask – crazy, why? Well, for starters – I have asthma. Secondly, my buddy here, is capable of activating it 😀 I am still alive, thank God! 😉 Thirdly, we started our hike at 08:00. Why is that important? You will see later! 😉

Montalin is one of the three highest peaks around Chur – 2266 m high, which gives us an inclination of 1300 m. Extreme, no? Anyways, the plan was to go hike rote Platte, however, half way through to that destination, we were told that we got the wrong path to go there. An old couple gave us the suggestion of going up to Fürhörnli (1888 m) instead and perhaps, if we felt fit enough, Montalin. So,here we were, trying to figure out whether or not this was for us. Ten minutes later … well, let’s just say that I lost the argument. The path from where we were is quite steep. However, if you really want to do this hike, the proper way, you should definitely listen to GPS tracks and go where the app tells you.

The hike was in total 8 hours, I would say quite difficult, for someone like me, but the experience is totally worth it! The original trail goes from Chur through Mittenberg, then up to Ochsenberg and then there is a really pleasant trail that leads straight up to the two peaks. The trail we took, however, did not pass either of those two places. It actually “shortens” the way by going right under the Fürhörnli peak and then around it, so you basically end up around the same level as it.

I would say difficult, but not impossible. The path from where we were, was actually quite maintained, even though there were a lot of fallen trees around us. From it, you can see parts of Chur and a stream, which was completely dry, making us think that it probably needs snow. 🙂 It is steep, so make sure you have good footwear.

Then we ended up on around 1600 m above sea level, where all paths to those two peaks lead. The marking signaled left and after a few meters, there it was! The other side of the mountain. Imagine the following: until this part, we were constantly facing Landquart and Bad Ragaz (for those of you, who don’t know where those cities are – direction Chur-Zurich), but now we suddenly saw Arosa and Churwalden (direction Chur-Italy). Quite remarkable. At first, both of us didn’t really realise what we were seeing, but then it got clearer as we observed in more details. Interesting!

The trail then continues in a nice upwards trajectory with not such a difficult inclination and an amazing view. In the gallery, you can find the different fields we went through, that were kind of surrounded by thin layers of forest, as if it was the fence of different yards.

After 200 m we saw a sign pointing towards Fürhörnli. That was funny, because we didn’t do something right …. So we went up the trail towards the cliff and then boom – trees! I wouldn’t call that a peak, but there was also a sign … Funny! I said to my buddy: “Hey, let’s go down this path…” To which she replied:”I don’t think this is the peak!” Yep, it wasn’t! The path I saw was leading to it … So if you go there, just take the small path through the forest down the hill and it will actually take you to this gigantic rock that is the actual peak. But don’t be alarmed that you need to go down, in order to go back up again and end on it … I still haven’t been there, but this is what I heard from other people.

So anyway, disappointed from the lack of view, we actually decided to continue onwards to Montalin. Nearly 400 m of inclination and we were sort of champions! The last part of this hike is actually the most amazing one! You basically walk right next to the cliff, so on one side you see rocks underneath you and if you make a wrong step … Well, let’s just say that when we discussed it, we said that it will be a nice way to die … With the view and everything … 🙂 (Sorry for the black humour!) And on the other side was this steep field that was … to put it this way, a better way fall … You might actually have a chance of surviving! 😉 So in other words, this hike was also full of adrenalin and it is not recommended to people with fear of heights and weak hearts. But that is just my opinion!

This path continues that way for about 200 m and then the cliff actually gets higher, but the path stays on the same level. We saw a fenced alpacas .. or whatever those animals were. My buddy said that they are alpacas, so this is what I am going with here. And it turns out that they were quite fascinated by us, because they came even to say “Hello”. My friend kind of freaked out, but I stayed a bit to make some photos … Thank God, they didn’t spit in my camera! 😀

So after our small photo shoot, we passed on the other side of the fence and sat down to eat lunch at 16:00 in the afternoon. You can imagine how long it took me to climb until this moment, when we actually started hiking at 08:00 and we were basically half way through – almost at the top. And then, we continued upwards. Here the path gets actually steep again and this is only in the last 100 m or so, which is also really dangerous. So it could have been a good idea to have one of those hiking sticks that everyone is using here … But being poor students and all, there is not much money left for hiking equipment…

And there it was! The big rund-like peak Montalin! And we conquered it! The view from up there – remarkable! It feels as if you are on top of the world! Just perfect and amazing! I can’t really describe it, but if you get a chance to see it too – you will know why… It is one of the places that has made me bow in front of nature. One of the places that made me feel like a tiny piece of the whole puzzle that we call our planet. And it is this feeling that makes me want to hike every day for the rest of my life, if possible! To realise that Nature is what keeps us alive in every meaning of the word – it gives us passion to preserve it and take care of it, so we can actually survive.

You can imagine that on the way down, we chose the easier path – so Ochsenberg and Mittenberg are the places we went through on the way down. And to be honest, it is much easier and faster too. But perhaps it won’t make you such an incredible impression as the other route did.

We stopped at Mittenberg for a while, before we head back down to Chur. It is one of my favourite places in this valley, because you can see all of Chur and it faces Flims, Laax and Reichenau – all cities that point south towards Italy. A really good place to make barbeque, or to run to, if you are a fitness junkie. And one of the places from which you can go pretty much anywhere on that side of the mountain range. There are paths that lead to Maladers – a nearby village, up to those peaks and down to Chur and each path you take goes through different remarkable, worth seeing places.

This was the story of the crazy Montalin hike, hope you liked it …

See you next time for my next adventure!


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