First hike in Switzerland

Hey there,

this one is about how I fell in love with Chur and this whole area. So here I was, arriving with this green bus from Italy. I have never been here before, so everything I saw through the window was just amazing. The mountains, the two towers at the beginning of the city, which you can see from almost anywhere, and the river Rhein… The whole valley just consumes you, as you go through it and new perspectives just appear in front of you.

I arrived at the main bus station, not knowing where I was supposed to go and decided to take a taxi, since I had to full suitcases and a hand bag with me. The taxi took me to the dormitory, where I spent the next 9 months. The dormitory was called Konvikt – supposedly old mental hospital or a monastery … Never found out the truth. The manager welcomed me and took me to my room. Quite nice, cozy and small, but had everything I needed. Including this incredible view of the mountain right across the valley. The dormitory was basically situated at the end of the city, right above it, in fact, and you could see the whole city from it.A very old building, that looks like a prison, but nevertheless has it’s unique features. A place that I learned to like in a way …

But anyways, here I was looking at the view and researching how to get to that cable car that I could see and where it could take me. So I took the map of the city that I had and went to the cable car. I bought a ticket and went all the way up. Which turned out to be not the whole way up … What do you mean “the whole way up”, you might ask? Well, there are two stages of the cable car: the first one is up to Känzeli (1170 m) and the next one is actually Brambrüesch (1595 m) – the final stop, a village that in the winter is a stop for skiers and snowboard fans, and in summer is just a place for relaxation. But since I didn’t realise that, I went out at Känzeli and continued upwards to Brambrüesch. The trail there is actually quite nice and very easy. There are so many water fountains around with fresh spring water that is just amazingly refreshing. At some point the trail connects with easy mountain bike path and continues up. The 400 m of inclination are quite a nice walk and it will take you around an hour. Then you actually enter Brambrüesch from the lower side and go through it until you reach the final cable car station and from there you have so many different paths to take. After careful consideration and consultation with the cable car employee, who by the way is this really cool guy that wears always a traditional Swiss outfit and looks like one of those guys that sing jodler songs. I chose to go up to Spundisköpfe (1846 m) – one of the not so high peaks around. So another 200 – 250 m of inclination that was the final touch in my hike. The trail is through a forest up the mountain, I would still say that it is an easy path to take and quite nice, since you enter the world of the forest.

So here I was, hiking up alone, eager to see what comes ahead. I felt like Hansel and Gretel, but only without the trail of crumbs behind me … I was waiting to see the old witch’s house, but that never happened. 🙂 Somehow I wanted to see one of those cute little typical Swiss farm houses that I saw anywhere else up til now. But on that altitude, I guess it is not easy to build such thing … 😀

And there it was, perhaps 45 minutes later and I ended up on this small field that looked like a platform, surrounded by a fence, so people don’t fall down from the cliff that it was on. The view up there – amazing! This was the first time I felt as if I was standing on top of the world. The funny thing was that I felt like singing. Probably you have heard about the traditional Bulgarian songs that usually old grandmas are singing and especially the most beautiful song that flies around in space – Prituri se planinata by Stefka Sabotinova. I gave myself permission to sing in this complete silence. I could hear my voice spreading around and filling up the air. I am just glad nobody heard me, or at least I hope so … Cause, you know, I am not a good singer anyways … 😛

I was sitting there on the fence, trying not to look down, but enjoying the view. At some point some people arrived, made some pictures and went on their way. But I decided that I had enough and I wanted to go back to the dormitory to unpack, perhaps meet the rest of the people I was supposed to live with. So I went down to Brambrüesch, took the cable car and went all the way down to Chur. I took a small walk around the old town and made some pictures, before I head back to Konvikt.

I don’t know how and why, but when I was sitting up there on the fence I could imagine myself exploring these mountains I could see around me and exploring new places. I had the wish to see everything and be everywhere I can. I wanted to see it all. And here I am a year after that moment and I managed to see around 20% of what this area offers me.I know that there are so many places to visit that are a must and I still can’t wait to do so.

So here is the story of how this place made me want to love it and see it all.

See you next time for more adventures!


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